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  • Bliss Massage Spa has an honorable mention for Best Massage by the Issaquah Press. local people have given us lot of trust and honors.
  • Reflexology is an ancient method of pressure - based massage. Our reflexologists work from the inside – out, stimulating the nervous system to release tension. Reflexology maintains a link between the feet, hands, and internal organs to create self – healing within the body. Based on the belief that the feet and hands are mini-maps of the entire body, a long-lasting effect of stress and pain relief can be achieved.  
  • Bliss Massage  is an Asian  influenced Wellness Spa. We offer personalized, effective and unique treatments (such as meridian points & lines massage) not found anywhere else in Seattle. The Spa not only provides a unique lush escape from the burden of everyday life, it provides true holistic care and expert advice on health and well-being.
  •  we offer several different services such as deep tissue and Swedish massage , We have helped lot of people for massage requirements 

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